Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kelsie and The Biebs

Kelsie’s class has been learning about Biography’s and how to research and write one.  Each child could pick ANY famous person they wanted to research.  Kelsie quickly picked Justin Bieber.  Really??  Aren’t we over him??  Along with a 5 paragraph report and timeline, she had to create a “poster person” of her famous person and use 5 different materials to create him.  A life-size Biebs?  Fun.  It took Kelsie Dave all day Sunday to create this little bugger.  This is what the finished product looked like…


He had a large butt and very small feet.  You know what they say about that!  Kidding.  The 5 pockets on his “shirt” are filled with a fun fact about the Biebs.  It turned out cute and Kelsie was happy with it.  Hope Dave gets an “A” on it!

I’m off to start my life size George Clooney poster!

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