Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kid’s Birthday Parties… For the Kids or the Parents?

Kelsie recently went to a birthday party, for a 9 year old girl, themed “Clayton’s Next Top Model”.  Now, the mother of this girl admitted to me that this was not her daughters idea – it was another mother’s idea.  The theme was adorable and the mother went all out, buying each girl a dress and accessories for the dress, all of which they got to keep!

Kelsie 08 022512

The mother had even hired two girls to do hair and makeup.

Kelsie 07 022512

Everything was decorated beautifully. Champagne glasses for each girl to drink their punch out of.

Kelsie 09 022512

A lot went into putting this party together.  I couldn’t help but to think if this is what the birthday girl had envisioned.  I think the parents (moms really… I don’t think the dads care) like to see how they can outdo each other.  Over the past year, Kelsie has been to a Harry Potter themed party (everyone came home with their own Harry Potter wand), an American Girl party (the girls AND their dolls came home with a gift), an Amazing Race party and other outrageously themed parties.  What happened to the good old fashioned sleep-over?  The girls watch movies and eat popcorn.  Shouldn’t that be enough?  Growing up, one of my birthday parties was at McDonald’s and it was a JOINT party with my sister!  I didn’t even get my own party!  Kelsie is already starting to make plans for her birthday – in JULY.  She’s already told me I have to hire my hairdresser and find someone to do makeup.  I wonder if McDonald’s still does parties??

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  1. That's an awesome party idea but I totally know what you mean! And it's hard when it's so much fun planning and throwing em!