Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yard Spruce Up

Dave has been so busy over the last month, planting new plants and sprucing up our landscaping.  We are finally done with the front yard (with the exception of flowers, which will be done when we get back from our TN trip).


This is a new bed on the corner of our yard, along with making the bed larger on the front-side of the house.  We also extended our rock wall.


We planted some irises, which I LOVE.  I’m planning out my flowers for the blue pot.  I’m trying to talk Dave into letting me paint our front door that color blue, but I’m not having any luck convincing him.  I don’t think the HOA would approve anyway.


Dave created this bed last year and we just got around to putting trees and plants in.


This mess of a back yard is next!   After having a dirt, rock and weed back yard for 7 years, Dave broke down and signed a contract to have sod put in.  Finally.

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  1. The house looks great Jenn! See you in a few days :)