Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Girl Scout Camp

We shipped Kelsie off to camp on Sunday.  She’s at Girl Scout camp for the week.  She went last year and had fun, but was homesick.  The first thing she said to us when we picked her up last year was that she wasn’t coming back.  We made sure to send her with one of her friends this year… they can be homesick together.  The camp is beautiful – hiking, swimming in the lake and pool, campfires and crafts.  She’s a lucky girl!


Check-in day


Kelsie and Olivia, her camp buddy for the week


This is where she’ll be sleeping for the week.  No electricity, no air…it was an oven in there!


She wasn’t happy that we were leaving.  Check out that forced fake smile.

We miss her so much already!

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