Monday, August 27, 2012

It’s The Most WONDERFUL Time Of The Year!!!

Back to school time!!  OMG I was so ready for them to go back.  August was a rough month (besides the beach vacation).  The kids were bored, I was fed up with them fighting everyday, I was tired of hearing “Mom.  Mom.  Mom.  Mom.  Mom. Mom.”… you get the point.  Today I sit in complete silence for the first time since June.  Well, almost complete.  Dave is in front of me on a conference call with his work peeps.  Not sure which is worse – the kids or Dave’s conference calls.

Back to school also means back to a routine for me.  Gym, blogging, cleaning (yeah, right!), Real Housewives shows, crafting and home-cooked meals!  I’m excited for the kids… and for ME!




At the bus stop, but the bus never showed!



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