Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kyle Turns 6… 10 DAYS AGO!

I’m so out of my routine that it’s taken me 10 DAYS to let everyone out there in “Blogland” know that my son turned 6 on August 18th.   We celebrated his birthday 3 times over the past 2 weeks – at the beach, at home and with his friends.


My two cousins also had a birthday while we were on vacation at the beach.  Sara turned 21 and Owen turned 14.  We had a small family party for the 3 of them.



We returned home from vacation on Kyle’s actual birthday.  We let him pick what he wanted to do for the day.  He chose mini-golf.  We also asked him what he’d like to eat.  I was expecting to hear McDonald’s or pizza.  He chose Brasa, a Brazilian Steakhouse.  It’s all you can eat meat!  He loves it there!  He has my taste in fine-dining.  Oh, and he got an Xbox Kinnect for his birthday.  He and Dave fight over who is going to play it next.  I really think the present was for Dave.





Kyle is obsessed with the red and green rocks at Brasa.  They are used to let the waiters know if you’d like more meat (green) or if you’re done (red).  Kyle asked the waiter if he could have the rocks.  The waiter thought he was so polite in asking that he let Kyle take them.  He told us that people don’t usually ask – they just steal them.


Cake #2 – a baseball ice cream cake with a Darth Vader candle.

Last Saturday we invited 8 of his friends to the bowling alley for a party.  Bowling, pizza, cupcakes, roller coaster and arcade – we made up for the past 5 years of not throwing him a party with friends.


Kyle and his friends


This is Ella.  This must be Ella’s first time bowling.  Note where her ball is.  I have about 100 other pictures of bowling balls in the air.  The kids didn’t know how to roll the ball down the lane.  They thought it was better to throw it.


Cake #3 – bowling alley lane cupcake-cake


This picture pretty much sums up the party.  Everyone had a great time!

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