Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pinterest Inspired Project–“Good Fortune” Box

My name is Jennifer and I like to save weird things… cards, ticket stubs, etc.  Some would call me a hoarder, but I don’t have a big enough Target bag collection yet (only Dave will get that, sorry!).  I’m weird about saving my fortunes from fortune cookies.  I have GOBS of them.  I carry them around with me in my wallet.  Weird, I know.  Then I saw this on Pinterest…

ticket stub box

A shadowbox for all of my fortunes??  Perfect.  I found a cheap shadowbox at Michaels and cut out an Asian symbol (I think it means “love”) with my Silhouette.  This is how it turned out…


A “Good Fortune” box for our family.  Of course we had to test it out with a yummy Chinese dinner, complete with 4 new fortunes for display.

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