Monday, April 30, 2012

Kindergarten Field Trip

Out of 20 volunteers, I was one of the lucky two that were chosen to go on a field trip with all of the Kindergarten classes.  Yay me.  The field trip was to Noah’s Landing, which is a lady’s house that she turned into a zoo.  Not kidding.  There was a peacock on her roof… here’s the picture to prove it…


It was that kind of place – animals running wild.  This was how we ate our lunch (or tried to)


Wilbur, a 350 pound pig, allowed to roam free, trying to eat the kids lunches.  The girls were terrified!  The boys loved it and “accidentally” kept dropping food so the pig wouldn’t go away!   He managed to eat someone’s sandwich, a ziploc bag and a brown paper bag.  He wasn’t picky.


The kids were allowed to pet most of the animals.  Their favorite was Coco Chanel, the brown skunk.  Yes, a skunk.


They were allowed to feed and pet the zebra, but were more concerned with the condition of his teeth.  All of the kids didn’t understand why no one was brushing this poor zebra’s nasty, brown teeth. 


The peacock did eventually come down from the roof to put on a show for the kids and the female peacocks, who also roam freely.


I’m usually not a germaphobe, but places like this creep me out.  Thank goodness for this every 10 feet…


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