Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break–More Fun in Nashville, TN


Family Fun at Dave & Buster’s (the whole family taking over Skee Ball)


Downtown Nashville, TN – posing with Elvis


Science Center – Kelsie “walking on the moon” (who knew it hurt so much?!)


Kelsie and I playing a “Brain Wave” game, trying to move a ball with just our brain waves.  Notice my brain activity compared to Kelsie’s.  EARTH TO JENN!  What…was I asleep??!


Kelsie picking a brain.  Kelsie and Katie picking a nose.  All good fun here.


Kelsie and Katie in the Hurricane Simulator.  Looks like the machine stayed on 18 MPH the entire time, but that’s enough wind to give you a bad hair day, right Katie?

Lots of fun had by the whole family!

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