Monday, June 25, 2012

Kelsie’s 1st Swim Meet of 2012

Kelsie swam in her first swim meet of the year this past Thursday.  She swam in 5 of the 100+ events (in other words, she swam for 4 minutes in a 2 1/2 hour meet!!).  Meet nights are long nights, but Kelsie seems to enjoy it.  A professional photographer has a son on Kelsie’s team, so she’s at every meet taking beautiful pictures.  Kelsie said, “I saw Ms. Paula taking pictures of me, so I made sure I smiled.”  She was supposed to be swimming, not looking at the camera!

Kelsie vs Pineville 01 062212Kelsie vs Pineville 02 062112


The parents have to take turns helping out at the meets – timing, working the concession stand, entering times, etc…  I was timing at this meet and each time Kelsie got out of the pool, she made sure she gave me a big hug… not to be a sweet daughter… to get me all wet.


On each Monday after the meets, the team is awarded their ribbons.  Kelsie did pretty good, earning 4 ribbons.


And this is what you get when the little brother isn’t getting any attention…


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