Friday, June 1, 2012

Trash to Treasure

It starts on a Thursday night… we’re headed back into the neighborhood (after shuttling the kids to and from their activities) and everyone has put their trash on the curb for Friday’s pickup.  It never fails – someone puts their perfectly good “trash” out.  My neighbors snagged perfectly good outdoor wicker furniture, WITH THE PERFECTLY GOOD CUSHIONS, curb-side on a Thursday night.  About 3 months ago, I made Dave stop and get this…


6 perfectly fine dining room chairs.  Do I need dining room chairs?  No, but I was sure I could turn them into something spectacular.  So they sat in the garage for the past 3 months.  Until I saw this on Pinterest…

chair planter

So here’s my version…


This is proudly displayed on my front porch.  I LOVE blue and yellow together!  I hope it never goes out of style.

Dave is happy that now only 5 chairs remain in his garage.  But I made him stop and get an old Singer sewing table from the curb.  I am now not allowed out on a Thursday night.

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  1. Bahhaha! Bring me one of those chairs! I would love to have one on my porch! & I bet the table is awesome!