Monday, October 1, 2012

Katie’s Wedding Shower

My sister and I threw our baby sister a wedding shower last weekend.  She had a great turnout and got lots of awesome gifts!  And she still has one more shower to go!


A friend of an Aunt made the cake.  I found the design somewhere on Pinterest.  I got the cake banner, bride and groom from Etsy.


I found this beautiful, personalized cutting board from Pick Your Plum, a Groupon-like site. 


The white vase and “E” I found at TJ Maxx.  I spray painted the “E” navy blue, so that it would coordinate with the party.  I also spray painted a few yucky gold frames I had laying around.  I put the wedding subway art in one.  I found that idea on Just Drink A Coke.  It was pretty easy to make in PowerPoint.  You just need to download LOTS of different fonts.  I’m thinking about making a few more for the holidays.

I wanted Katie to have a personal note from each guest, so instead of a guest book, I decided to have everyone sign a cookbook.  I found a Bride & Groom cookbook at Williams Sonoma and had everyone write their “recipe for love” on any page in the book.  It was fun to go back and look at what everyone wrote. 



The bridal party, minus a few TN girls.


  1. Thank you Jenn and Denni (and Mom) for everything! The shower was wonderful and all the decor was beautiful. We already have so much on display at our house!! Love you!!

  2. Denni and I are already working on our Matron of Honor skit. It's gonna be great!