Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Open House Night at School

Last week Kelsie and I attended Open House at school.  Kyle had a football game, so he and Dave couldn’t attend.  Kelsie and I were asked to be in the PTA fashion show.  We modeled the latest PTA Spirit Wear – Kelsie wore school sweat pants and I wore the yoga pants.  It’s not NY Fashion Week, but we needed to start somewhere!

After the fashion show, we went into Kelsie’s class.  The teacher had each child answer a few questions about themselves and type them up.  The answers were displayed on the bulletin board in a hallway for EVERYONE to see.  One of the questions was “Who are you most proud of?”.  Kelsie’s answer was… “My Mom because she is so busy, but manages to get everything done.”  I almost cried right there in the hall.  When I gave Kelsie and big hug and thanked her, she said “Well, I couldn’t think of anyone else.”  So proud.

Even though Kyle wasn’t with me, I  paid a visit to his class.  His teacher had each the children draw a picture of themselves and write a few things describing them.  Here’s Kyle’s work…

Kyle school work 2012

Kyle wants you to know that

1. He likes Star Wars

2. He’s nice

3. (he couldn’t read or remember what he wrote)

4. He’s single

Just in case anyone was wondering… yes, Kyle is single.


  1. Hahahhaha Jon an I are busting out laughing!!! Kyle is hilarious! And that is so sweet of Kelsie! I'm still trying to figure out where I fit in with the whole school system stuff. I can't seem to figure it out yet but I'd love to model some yoga pants !

  2. Get involved with the PTA! I've met some wonderful ladies and have gotten to know the principal and teachers more and have a better understanding of how the school works and where the money goes. You'd be great with volunteering!