Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christmas Decorations… Already??! & Thankful For (Days 13 to 15)

Most years my Christmas decorations are up on November 1.  I just got around to decorating last weekend.  I love decorating the house and getting into the spirit.  We are out of town Thanksgiving week and usually have our “Ugly Sweater Party” the week after, so it’s nice to get everything out early and take my time putting it all out.  This way I don’t have to rush around to get the house in order for the festivities.

The tree is up and is almost completely decorated.  I need to research how to take a better picture of a lit tree at night.  My didn’t turn out so great.


I made new fireplace garland this year to go with the new living room colors.  This is probably my favorite decoration!


I want more bulbs on it, but Dave keeps telling me it looks fine the way it is.  I have been adding one or two a day.  Maybe by New Year’s it’ll look the way I want it to look.


November 13 – Today I am thankful for a husband that doesn’t mind fluffing a tree.  This is my least favorite Christmas task.  He also doesn’t mind decorating it with me, but he’ll comment on EVERY ornament he puts up!

November 14 – Today I am thankful that our Christmas shopping is almost done!  A few things left for our families and teachers, but the kids are D.O.N.E.!!!!!!

November 15 – Dave told me this morning that he is thankful I didn’t run away with Curtis Stone today.  Curtis is currently in a store that is ONE HOUR from my house!  I wanted to go see him today, but didn’t feel like packing my bags to run away with him.  For those of you that don’t know who Curtis is, he’s an Australian chef, Top Chef host and cutie-pie… not as cute as Dave, though.


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  1. Did Dave make you post that last part?