Monday, November 12, 2012

Girl Scouts & Thankful For (Days 9 to 12)

Last month, my Girl Scout troop went camping during Carolina Campout weekend.  This organization encourages families and groups to take advantage of the North Carolina parks and spend the weekend outside.  They even offer free camping supplies through REI.  Our girls were excited because they give out Scout patches, which my girls are all about patches!

We took the girls to Jordan Lake for a night and were blessed with beautiful weather. 


We had the girls set up 3 tents, with just a little assistance from the leaders.


The girls learned how to set up a campfire.


We made them dinner – grilled cheese – didn’t turn out so well.


My girls!


November 9 – Today I’m thankful for 8:20 am.  This is when Dave and I drop the kids off at school and we head to Starbucks for our morning coffee.   It’s nice to have a little alone time before we start our day.

November 10 – Today I’m thankful for a wonderful and enthusiastic Girl Scout co-leader.  She has more patience than I do and that’s what is needed most meetings. 

November 11 – Today I’m thankful for everything our military does to protect this great country and for the freedom I have. 

November 12 – Today I am thankful for the beautiful North Carolina weather!  Although it’s November, it’s been in the 70’s since Friday!  The kids have a day off from school today and are spending the day outside!

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