Monday, November 19, 2012

He’s Baaaccckkkk & Thankful For (Days 17 to 19)

“Twist”, our family Elf, is back in town!  We purchased “Twist” on November 18, 2009, so Kyle thinks he needs to reappear every year on November 18, to celebrate his birthday with us.  Another party I have to plan.  This year he brought his “North Pole Breakfast” with him.  We had “Powdered Snowballs” (mini powdered doughnuts), “Sugary Snowflakes” (snowflake-shaped, white chocolate pretzels), “Reindeer Kisses” (white chocolate chips), and “Santa’s Cocoa” (chocolate milk).  I found the “North Pole Breakfast” party idea on Pinterest… shocker!




Santa left them a note reminding them to be good and to take care of “Twist”.  I found the coolest “From the Desk of Santa Claus” stationary, so it looked official!


“Twist” also brought them each a pair of Christmas socks.



November 17 – Today I am thankful for the wonderful community we live in.  There are hundreds (maybe thousands!) of kids in this hood.  Kelsie and Kyle have made some wonderful friends here.

November 18 – Today I’m thankful that Kyle still believes in “Twist”.  Kelsie found out a few weeks ago that he’s not real and it broke my heart.  Kyle is so excited to get up each morning to see where “Twist” is hiding.

November 19 – Today I’m thankful for Kelsie’s “Drama Queen” act.  She was in a play this morning and her drama skills were put to good use.  She was a fantastic TV reporter!


  1. how did Kelsie find out? Oh man I'd be so heart broken. I can't wait for Elfie to come this year. I'm trying to figure out a game plan. I'll have to look into this breakfast. I actually had Jon print that same stationary this morning!

  2. She saw all of the ideas I had pinned on Pinterest!! She asked why I had those on my account if "Twist" decides where he's going to go. I didn't know what to say! She started crying and got so upset. Dave and I were heartbroken!