Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Where is “Twist”? & Thankful For (Day 27)

“Twist” has been all over the place lately.  His new thing is leaving notes for the kids.  Kyle enjoys reading them; Kelsie wants to know who has the sloppy handwriting.







November 27 – Today I am thankful for a daughter with a vivid imagination and great memory.  Now that she knows the secret about “Twist”, she has been moving him each night (because Dave and I have forgotten to move him in the past.  We called him the lazy elf when he didn’t move for a few nights in a row!).  She came up with the idea of “Twist” wearing a bikini.


  1. Can I please have your home. I want that family rules sign and the brick in your kitchen and your counter tops. Twist is cute too ; ) loved kelsies bikini idea!!

  2. Y'all need to move down here! We got a bigger house for a fraction of the price of our MD house. And, yes, you can have my house! We're ready for a different one.

  3. I would LOVE to move there! We're gonna make some changes next year for a brighter future : ) hopefully owning a home comes before we're 30!