Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother’s Day Tea

The Kindergarten classes hosted a Mother’s Day Tea today for all of the important ladies in our kindergartener’s life.  The kids started out by making us a plate of goodies and letting us eat before them – something I never get to do!  No surprise to me that Kyle begged for a bite of my cookie and drank all of my lemonade.  It’s not really Mother’s Day yet.  The kids made us picture necklaces, a vase, a tissue paper flower corsage and a card.


The card cracks me up.  I love to see what a 5 year old really thinks about his Mama.


Hopefully his teacher won’t call Child Protective Services on me for all of the spanking I do.  For the record, I think I may have spanked him once and he promptly told me that it didn’t hurt.  I laughed and forgot about why I was spanking him in the first place.


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