Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Yesterday was my 36th birthday!  Dave and the kids spoiled me rotten – gifts in the morning, dinner at a restaurant of my choice, a walk around my favorite store (without the kids in tow), gifts at night and chocolate cake!

One of my favorite parts of birthdays are the cards I receive.  I save all of my cards.  Call me a hoarder, I don’t care.  I love looking through cards sent to me from my grandmother’s who have passed away.  Even their handwriting makes me smile.  I recently received a thank you card from a friend and Kyle read it to me.  He didn’t understand the “XOXO” at the end.  Dave told him the X’s are for hugs and the O’s are for kisses.  After thinking about it for a few seconds, this was his response… “ I would put X’s for hugs, O’s for kisses and S’s for a little sexiness.”  Really?!  Where does he come up with this?!  He definitely has Dave’s sense of humor.

Here is how he signed my birthday card…

bday card

And, yes, my card was about dog farts.  Something I’ll look at years down the road and still laugh.


  1. Hahah that's awesome! An something we have in common I have all my cards filed in a box! And same with the cards the kids have received. I want to make a book with them one day!

  2. I save the kids cards, too! My mom saved all of my cards from the baby shower that was given to her when she was preggo with me. I know where I get my hoarding from.