Friday, January 20, 2012

My dream

This is my attic.  900 square feet of prime real estate.

attic picture

My husband and I would LOVE to get this finished one day.  We just can’t seem to agree on what we want/need in this space.  If the hubs had his way, this is what it would look like…


(picture source Google)

He wants a place for him and his friends to play pool, cards, watch the game and escape their wives and kids.

Me… I’d just like an organized place to craft and escape my husband and kids.  Is this too much to ask!?

craft room

(source Beach Brights)

I’d never leave this space.  I might sleep here, too.  This mama can dream, right?


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  1. You bet you can!! Love it. Keep on dreaming...

  2. I agree with you... that is what every attic should be!

  3. The craft room is a much better use!