Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Piano Girl

Kelsie started playing the piano when she was in the 1st grade. I think playing comes naturally to her (and it's in her genes - her Great-Grandmother, Grandmother, Mother and Aunt have played). Three years later, she doesn't enjoy playing, but she's so good at it and receives so many compliments. I think this is what keeps her going. A trophy or two doesn't hurt either. She just received her 3,000 point trophy on Tuesday. She gets points for practicing, earning an "excellent" rating in class and participating in recitals. Her teacher even gave her points for having a solo singing performance in her Christmas recital. She is currently practicing for a piano festival at the local college where she'll have to memorize two songs and play them by herself in front of a judge. This will be her third festival. She earned a 99 out of 100 her first year and a 98 out of 100 her second year. I have no doubt she'll succeed this year!

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  1. Way to go Kelsie. I think it's great even though not enjoying it at times she is sticking it out especially since she is so good.