Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend In Review

It was a gorgeous weekend here in NC!

Our Weekend 1_30_12

We had a great Saturday! Kelsie and Dave had a Father/Daughter date and went to Pottery Camp (1.). Kelsie has Dave wrapped so she was able to get him to her favorite restaurant (Japanese food), Best Buy (for a DS game) and PetSmart for dog adoption day (no new dog – he’s not THAT wrapped!) Kyle and I spent the day together, too. We had lunch at McDonald’s and went to the book store. He also had his hair cut (2.) He’s been asking for a mohawk (no way!), so he got a “faux-hawk”. He spent the rest of the day playing outside with his friend Drew (3. & 4.). Later that night we went to dinner with The Kitner’s – Dawn, Glen and Drew (5., 6. & 7.). They live across the street from us and have become great friends!

All day Sunday was spent working on Kelsie’s biography project. She picked Justin Bieber (shocker!) and has to make a life size poster-person of him.


More pictures to come when Kelsie has completed her Bieber.

Hope y’all had a great weekend!

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