Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend in Review

Weekend in review 011512

1. Grandparents come to NC!

2. Silly faces with Bammie and PawPaw.

3. Dad made me his FAMOUS chocolate chip cookies. He's been making these since I was little. He uses the recipe on the back of the Nestle Toll House chocolate chips, but I think he does a little something different. They are DELISH and the BEST cookies I've ever had!

4. Lots of paper football making

5. Kyle “hiking” the football off of Bammie’s head (she’s a good sport!)

6. Yes, that is my son in a plastic bin.  Please don’t call Child Protective Services!

7. Organizing Legos... not sure why since I know my children won't keep them organized!

8. Building Legos - my children love the Lego people and I think they would be happy with just having Lego people.

9. A trip to the new dog park. Duke doesn't care for it, but the kids love it. They get more exercise than Duke.

10.  Dinner with great friends!

11. Sandra and I.


Happy Birthday to my BABY SISTER!

My sister, Katie, turned 29 on Saturday.  She lives in Nashville, TN, so she celebrated with her fiancĂ© and friends.  We celebrated her birthday in NC by looking for dresses to wear for her upcoming wedding!

katie bday

(ignore her taste in bowling balls)

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  1. Thanks for the shot out on your blog! I can read the fine print too...funny you didn't mention how that ball beat everyone :) Anyway - I love your blog. I read it first thing every morning...puts me in a good mood. Love you!